Friday, March 12, 2010

Running, moving, and mommying

Some late February morning mom looked at me and said, "You should go running." I dismissed the idea almost completely, but then realized how much I needed a moment. I can't remember what was going on exactly, but I needed to get out for a minute. Bodie was busy following my mom around, Beckett was sleeping, and I hadn't actually gotten "ready" for the day yet... the conditions were perfect. So, I got my favorite falling apart tennis shoes on, ipod strapped to my arm, and headed out.

As I slowly, oh so slowly (I hadn't ran since pre pregnant days with Beckett), ran past mom and dad's house, I felt the smile slowly spread across my face. I ran for about 30 minutes with a great soundtrack of music and I wasn't even close to dead by the end of it. I love to run. I miss running. Fawn and I have discussed doing a half marathon in the near future. I am super excited. I have never done one. I have a workout plan and am waiting for some dry, warmer weather where I can take the kids with me. Otherwise running "ain't gonna happen!" Also, we just moved into our house again... which bring me to my next topic.

We moved! Since January I have been trying to slowly move things into the house. I did ok, but this past Saturday was still insane. All Snowden/ Thomas kids have been so sick lately and the parents have slowly gotten the yuck too. So, just as we move, I get it, then David about a day later. This first week home has been rough. I think we'll survive. David got me some really cool, rustic end tables, and a coffee table for Christmas and also painted my living room and more pleasant color- latte- so I am enjoying those "new" things right now. I will say this though: I am counting the days, again, to get out of this house PERMANENTLY! We are going to try to sell the old furniture so David took a picture of the pieces outside of the storage unit. I just want to show you the picture so you can see in the background the approximate size of the really small unit we were able to fit most of our stuff in.

My last piece here and I gotta go.... babies are waking from their naps. I love being a mommy to Bodie and Beckett, I was reminded of this role I have (as if a mother could ever forget or turn it off) as I cleaned up throw up from Bodie at 1 this morning. (A freak thing- he's not sick anymore. This was my first real throw up experience though... gross! That part of mommyhood I could do without.)

Then, Beckett today was being such a pain for his 2:00 bottle, but finally, after about 30 minutes of screaming, holding, laying on the floor, hanging upside down with my tongue sticking out, he finally took it. That's my Beckett. I don't think I've written about him much. We found out his belly couldn't break down the milk/ soy proteins. So we spent all kinds of ridiculous money on the really expensive formula. Then the pediatrician told me about Carnation Good Start... good stuff! It's not as broken down as Allimentum, but still broken down. I'm thankful that his belly can handle it because it's not quite as expensive. He's also got reflux. So he gets cereal in every bottle to keep the spit up down (spit up gave him an ear infection recently) and a pill at night to keep the burning away. Poor baby. But he really is so much happier these days than about a month or two ago. He's also reaching 5 months, which helps.

All that to say... I love my boys. David included. :)

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  1. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to check the ole blog. I'm glad that I did. I crossed my fingers to check your blog and YES...two new blogs for me to read and pictures to look at.
    Your boys are so handsome! And I hope we can play a little catch up next weekend.
    P.S. I can't believe your hair is still so long.