Friday, January 8, 2010

Let it Snow!

It snowed last night... yahoo!

David was like a 5 year old waiting for that snow! He stayed up until after 11:30 last night waiting for Fayette Co Board of Ed's website to flash the news. Of course, I didn't know this because as soon as my head hit the pillow at 10:30, I was out. While I was up at 5:00 am feeding Beckett, I saw the ticker at the bottom of the screen.... "School closings.... Fannin County, Fayette County...." My smile was slow, quiet, and big.

After Bodie ate breakfast, we got him all dressed in his "Christmas Story" attire. Papa took him outside to ride the toboggan. He had big smiles! Mommy even got on for a few rides. Papa's steering almost had Mommy's head chopped off by a tree, but we survived.

So there is a cool children's book called Flat Stanley. I have it, but can't remember all the details and it's packed in a box "who- knows- where." My Aunt Connie works at an elementary school in Weaverville, NC. Some of the students there recently read the story and sent little paper Flat Stanley's out around the nation to see what kind of adventure's he'd end up on. Then he gets sent back to the kids. They'll map his adventures, as well as learn about the places he came from. We'll send the Bodie and Flat Stanley pic back to the kids, along with a few other photos and interesting facts about our area. Pretty cool, huh?

This is a picture from our dinner at David's mom's on New Year's Day. The other two kids- Joseph and Sarah are David's nephew and niece. Bodie loves playing with them!