Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Florida Vacation and 4th of July

We took a family vacation to Florida the first week of July and all I can say is those boys are trouble! They are so cute and mischievous. Bodie loved the beach and hated the pool. Caedmon, on the other hand, is fearless about the pool. When we got back from the beach we celebrated the 4th at Fawn and Chad's then took the golf carts over to the golf course nearby to check out the fireworks. Can I just say that I love the community we live in! Yeah it can be "snoody" and blah blah blah, but I haven't felt this type of "community" anywhere else. For example, I was out on a golf cart ride with Fawn and the kids on our way to grab dinner recently. The weather was beautiful and people were out everywhere. The best part was everyone waving at each other and saying hi. I mean, even the teenagers, who are too cool for their own selves most of the time (I love all of you still!), were saying hi. What a joy!

Anyways... Here are some of the pics from those two events.

Poor Avonlea! Getting a pic with all three looking or smiling was a joke!

Caedmon and Bodie with (Great) Grandpa, Nana, and LuLu (that's my name... it's a long story!)

Isn't Avonlea beautiful?!

A sweet moment... Bodie and Grandpa

Caedmon on the golf course

Bodie on the golf course

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